Monday, November 26, 2018

Feighan announces bid to seek a place on the Fine Gael General Election ticket in Roscommon-Galway

 Fine Gael Senator Frank Feighan has announced his intention to seek a party nomination to contest the next General Election in the Roscommon-Galway constituency.

“I intend seeking a party nomination at the Fine Gael selection convention for Roscommon/Galway, which will be held at the end of January 2019.

“In my twenty year political career to date, I have showed leadership on a range of issues such as Roscommon Hospital, the turfcutting issue, water quality and attracting investment into this region.

“I am also been privileged to be a member of the Good Friday Committee and the British Irish Parliamentary Association which continue to work tirelessly to promote and enhance relations on the island of Ireland and in the UK.

“I have never shirked my responsibility in tackling the most difficult of issues and I have a proven track record in delivering for this region.

“I want to use that extensive political experience as a Government politician to continue to deliver for people living in the Roscommon/Galway constituency.

“I have already been successful in two General Elections and I look forward to working towards securing a seat for Fine Gael in the next General Election.”

1 comment:

  1. Good luck Frank, so there is no chance of being added to the sligo/leitrim ticket where you and the boyle/north roscommon electorate could at least vote for you and this must mean Maura Hopkins is not running and you are no longer considered TOXIC around Roscommon Hospital so did you do well in the party internal polling? Sure like Michael D we all thought you were going to hang it up after your latest spell in the Seanad thanks to Enda Kenny giving you 1 of the 11 seats in his gift but if Michael D is fit for the job why not you? You do have a 100% strike rate but that was when north roscommon and south leitrim could vote for you. Will it be a 2 candidate strategy in the hope of getting some votes around roscommon hospital or will you have a clear run? In any case you can always try in another constitency if this one goes wrong perhaps East Belfast or North Antrim or why not one even nearer the House of Commons as it looks at this stage any constituency will do you. One thing is great to see and that is that you still have the feeling you have something to offer and the will to serve if elected all you want is the chance(r). You do need a hard neck in politics and you are proving you have some neck. All joking aside if you are serious dont withdraw at convention in the hope of being added after if you cant get the votes of party members what chance can you hope to have with the electorate. I have never written you off and you know you do have a habit of winning in General Elections and thats not a bad habit for a politican to have. Again good luck. P.S what kind of odds are you in the bookies as you could be worth a few bob at each way odds say 33/1 or better.